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Phone mount with Inductive wireless charging with articulating ball mounting system

Phone mount with Inductive wireless charging with articulating ball mounting system

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Easily charge your phone while riding with this inductive charging phone holder mount. Featuring ball articulating mounting technology, a 12 to 24 V DC input, and Qi inductive charging technology, this durable ABS mount holds and charges your device.

The kit includes all hardware for installation on perch, mirror, and handlebar mounts

  • 8mm (1/4 in) wireless charging distance.

  • Up to a 15 Watts of charging power for fast charging.

  • 74" Power cable with ring terminals

  • Kit Includes hardware for Perch, Mirror and handlebar (1 1/4") mounting.

  • 15/16" Diameter Ball

  • Standby current 10mA - On off power switch

  • Overheat protection temperature: 140f. Working Frequency: 127 KHZ (constant frequency and voltage regulations).


  •     Automatic matching based on mobile phone type. 

  •     Wireless charging distance 8mm (1/4 in) 

  • Holds Phone up to 4" W x 7" L x 1/2" H

  • Durable ABS mount

  • Includes Sling for added security of holding phone

  • 1 1/2" handlebar mount adapter or 1/4" to 1/2" Bracket or stem mount adapter are available and sold separately. 

Installation note: Step 1 Center the phone on the mount horzontally. Step 2 Lower the foot of the mount by pressing the release button on the back until it is fully extended (approx 1/2"). Step 3 Move your phone vertically in the mount until the phone charges. Step 4 Press the bottom foot button and raise the bottom foot to the phone. You are now ready to ride while charging your phone.


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