Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. What USBC connection cables does RidePower have that charge the iPhone 15?

  • USBC – USBC 7 1/2”
  • USBC – USBC 12”
  • (Black) USB – USBC 12”
  • (BLK & GRY) USB USBC 12” 90
  • (BLK) USB – USBC 18” 90
  • USBC – USBC 24”
  • USBC – USBC 40”
  • SAE - Micro USB with type C adapter.


  • Q. How fast does the USB(female) to USBC(male) adapter transfer data?
    • Transfer speeds up to 10 Gbps 

  • Q. How fast does the metal inductive mount charge a phone?

    • A. The RidePower metal Inductive Mount is a fast-charging unit.  There are variables to charging all phones.  The thickness of the case, the battery level the phone is at when placed on the mount. Maximum performance is 15W.

    Q: How do you find the correct position for the Inductive Mount? 

         1. Depress the button on the lower backside of the unit and pull down on the               vertical support arm. 

    1. Open the side support arms until the phone slides freely down onto the unit (NOTE: Open both sides so the phone is centered on the unit). 
    2. Turn on the Inductive charger with the on/off switch on the upper right side of the unit. 
    3. Slide the phone down slowly on the face of the unit until it starts to charge. 
    4. Hold in place, Depress the button on the lower back of the unit and push up on the vertical support arm. 
    5. Tighten the sides evenly so the phone stays centered on the unit until the phone is securely in place. 
    6. To remove and reinstall the phone only loosen one of the side arms and use the same side to secure the phone in position. 


    Q: Should I turn off the phone charger unit every time I shut the bike off? 

    Two-part answer, first if you are out riding and you stop for lunch or a break there is no reason to shut the unit off.  Second, If your key FOB is near the unit when you go to start the motorcycle the bike will not start due to electronic interference.  Shut the unit off and the bike will start as normal, turn the unit on and everything will work normally. 

     Q: Will the wireless power bank charge more than one device at a time?

    Yes the 15 watt wireless power bank with solar backup can charge up to 4 devices at a time. Wireless, 2 USB ports and 1 USBC port. Note the more devices being charged will drain the power bank faster. Normally one charge will charge a phone 3 times.