About US

Steve Young

RidePower has been designing and selling cables and accessories in the market since 2014. Founder Steve Young developed a charger cable for his phone which connected directly to his SAE battery connector cable. He incorporated advanced electronics circuitry into the cable and began selling to the powersports network.

The rest, as they say, is history. Young, in partnership with GloDea, has grown the RidePower collection from a single phone charger cable to a recognized brand that includes phone charger cables, power connector cables, adapters for the phone and power, inductive charging phone mounts, metal phone mounts, portable power banks with solar, jump start power banks and other products.

RidePower’s rugged products are designed for the powersports sector—from motorcycles to watercraft and everything in between—and they are resistant to water, snow, dust and dirt. The premium circuit electronics products are designed to protect all devices and the power source. Plus, the cables for phone or electronic device charging are the newest on the market, with USBC to USBC connectors to charge all phones.